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The DHDA Difference


The 21'st Century job market changes with lightning speed. The most important job skill in the 21'st Century is creative thinking. Most transition programs for persons with ASD focus on discreet job skills. By the time the consumers leave the program, the jobs they have trained for no longer exist!


DHDA is different. Consumers learn transferrable job skills, but also receive the Occupational Therapy and Developmental Support they need to allow their continued growth after their secondary education ends. The result is that when a person leaves DHDA, they are able to enter the competitive, rapidly changing world of work in the 21'st Century in a way that no traditional transition program could duplicate.

The difference is developmental support, in the DIRFloortime® model. People who need additional time and support to bloom into the person they want to be, get that support. When they leave they are truly able to move into the world in the way they want to.


"Healthy birds fly away."

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