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Organic Farmers Markets


Consumers at DHDA will represent the organic farm on which they learn at community organic farmers markets. Typically, small, family-owned organic farms find themselves stretched for time and manpower. They need to attend as many local organic farmers markets as they can, as produce sales at these markets make up a large percentage of their revenues. However, these markets require time and personnel they cannot afford to take from their farms. DHDA consumers will represent the farms at these markets, and will benefit from real-time, meaningful interactions with the buying public. Consumers benefit in learning opportunities, and also benefit in the self-esteem which goes with having created the products being sold. The small farm can immediately multiply their presence at the markets, benefitting them financially.

The organic farm also benefits from the use of the DHDA logo.

The community has come to associate this logo with positive action, and food justice, and makes purchases from the host farm because of it.

Again, persons with Autism to the rescue!

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